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To whom it may be concern

The recruitment of laboratory assistant have already open!

Here the position needed:

1.     “Geomorfologi” Laboratory Assistant

2.     “Pengelolaan Limbah Non B3” Laboratory Assistant

3.     “Mekanika Fluida” Laboratory Assistant

4.     “Biologi Lingkungan” Laboratory Assistant

5.     “Sistem Informasi Lingkungan dan Penginderaan jauh” Laboratory Assistant



1.     Environmental Engineering UPNYK undergraduate student

2.     Minimum score of Theory and Practice : B+

3.     Minimum GPA score 3.00

4.     Committed and responsible person

How to Apply :

Fill out application form available on

Registration start from March 21 th – 31 th 2022.

Interview will be held on April 8 th – 18 th 2022

Official announcement is April 21 th 2022 on our official website

Contact Person :

Aditya Pandu Wicaksono, S.Si., M.Sc (0819-3175-3385)